Extend Your Outdoor Enjoyment

Spring is near! Warm days, blooming flowers, the first smell of grilled food and of course, nightime relaxation on your patio or sandy beach. Imagine now, that on your patio, you have soft, warm lights accenting your flowers you spent the weekend planting, or your newly installed outdoor kitchen. You deserve to enjoy your outdoor at all hours of the day! Outdoor lighting makes this possible.

Here are some interesting facts :

  • LED fixtures are the newest technology to the low voltage market. The fixtures often come with 15 to 20 year warranties and NEVER need to have a bulb replaced!

  • Low Voltage Lighting is designed to use minimal power - making it so you will see minimal effects on your electrical bill

  • Outdoor lighting systems can be setup to turn on at dusk and automatically turn off at the time of your choice : no manual turning on and off of the lights by the home owner! This provides security at night after you go to bed, and even when you leave town for your summer vacation

You don't have to have a detailed design in mind : call Landscape Illuminations and let our design team provide you ideas and a quote free of charge! Don't be the dark house on the street in Omaha this year.